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Pramod Thapa
Para Alpine Skier
(Road To The Olympics)

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Kamloops Sun Peaks Resort

Jim knowles Realtor Kamloops British Columbia

kamloops recycle

We are all looking forward to
another great year
of Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks!
We get the Nationals this year!
If you want to get involved ... call me!

sun peaks real-estate Jim Knowles

If you know anyone that has a
handicap that would like to
join our summer or winter program
see more community service by clicking here

Pramod Thapa and Jim
make front page
"Road To The Paralympics"
Pramod Thapa paralympics kamloops

Jim Knowles makes the front
cover of Canada's most
prestigious real estate
"Realestate Marketing Magazine"
REM realestate magazine canada


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Through NAR's alliances with 70 national and regional Cooperating Associations around the globe, the CIPS Network is attracting a growing number of members from outside the US. The Network has over 1,500 CIPS designees (individuals who have completed a week-long education program on international real estate) with approximately another 300 CIPS Network members working to complete their course work and other requirements for designation status. 300 CIPS Network members live and work outside the US and belong to one of NAR's international partners. You can locate a CIPS Network member through the online directory at this site, using the search features to locate someone with specific business, location and/or language specialties. This site includes information about NAR's Cooperating Associations, market profiles of more than 40 international markets, U.S. international local councils, CIPS Network membership, information and resources and more. The majority of this site is open to the public, but there are a few pages available only to NAR members and visitors will be prompted for their NAR password to proceed.
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Capt. Jim Knowles' experience as a ship's master has brought many interesting people into his circle of friends. He lives in Kamloops (sister city of Ugi, Japan) in the interior of British Columbia. An avid snow skier, wake boarder, cyclist and boater, Jim is very knowledgeable of the Canadian wild. He is very involved with the local school board, teaching boating safety classes, and has his own boating safety TV program and writes a local newspaper column. Jim enjoys travel adventures with his three lovely daughters at his side. He has lived around the world with his main interest in Asia and its people's customs and traditions. Presently completing his studies in Chinese language at Thompson River University, Jim plans many future visits to China. With personnel contacts in China, Europe, USA, Caribbean and the Americas, Capt. Jim is prepared to go that extra step to help make client international real estate transactions, in Canada or abroad, a complete success.


Community Events clic

We are all looking forward to another great year
of Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks!

sun peaks real-estate Jim Knowles




Pramod Thapas acceptance from IPC to ski for Canada!
Took eight months to get him released from Nepal!


Pramod Thapa acceptance to Canada from IPC



Gran Fondo Highwood Pass


Pramod gets his First job
Pramod Thapa gets his first job... at Costco! June/2011


Pramod Thapa athelete of the year
Athelete Of The Year for 2010/11 also took home three thirds against the provincial team at Whistler finals

pramod Thapa Sun Peaks


Pramod Thapa spin magazine sun peak





Sun Peaks "Spin" story...Feb/2011
Pramod Thapa sun peaks canada


Kamloops This Week Story Jan/2011

is on the
slopes at Sun Peaks, he's
But, behind him is a
massive community with
one goal — to raise a
skier who will compete
in the 2014 Paralympics.
The 17-year-old
with cerebral palsy —
his family and friends
call him Promo — has
come a long way from
his arrival in Kamloops
from Nepal in 2008.
The journey included
reconnecting with the
dad who left his homeland
nine years earlier
to try to make enough
money to bring his family
to Canada.
It moved forward
when a teacher, Joanne
Simpson, called Jim
Knowles and asked
him for help in finding
Promo friends.
It included moving
from the hotel the family
was living in to a home
that was filled with
furniture by so many
volunteers that Knowles
ended up taking many
donations to other needy

And, perhaps most
importantly, the journey
included taking Promo
to Sun Peaks Resort to
join an adaptive-sports
program there.
Knowles, a local realtor
who works with the
program, said Promo
first learned to ski with
tethers used to help disabled
youth go slowly
as they manoeuvre the
Promo said it was
"scary" the first few
times he went down the
hill, but he told himself,
"Keep going and keep
going and I'll get better."
At first, the teen was
learning from others in
the program, Knowles
"And, by accident, I
got him one day and I
said, 'Heck with these
tethers. Let's see what he
can do without them'."
The result was an
enthusiastic novice skier
who can race down
the slopes and who,
after taking part in the
Olympic Winter Games
torch run in Lytton and
the closing ceremonies
of the Paralympics, has
decided his goal is to go
to Sochi, Russia, in 2014
and show his stuff.
Knowles is dedicating
himself to getting the job
He works with Promo
almost every day, either
up on the slopes or at
the Tournament Capital
Centre, where they do
dryland training.

In the summer, they
add mountain-bike riding
to the regimen.
Working alongside
the pair and Promo's
family is one big cheering
squad, equally determined
to see the teen
live out his dream.
That group includes
people who have
donated everything from
clothing and ski equipment
to physiotherapy
and weight training.
He even has a pizza
company sponsoring
"This guy's a super
athlete," Knowles said.
"You're not going to
hold this kid back."
As for Promo, who is
still learning to be more
fluent in English, he also
believes he'll get to the
Paralympics in 2014.
He has a tendency
to go so fast he crashes
sometimes, but he's
working on that, too.
He's hoping to get
into a larger skiing competition
in Whistler in
February, to get some
competitive experience.
But, either way, the
goal is Sochi.
"It's pretty cool,"
Knowles said of Promo's
work ethic, determination
and the belief of all
those helping him.
"We'll get there."

There are plenty of people who
want to help Pramod Thapa's dream
of skiing in the 2014 Paralympics
come true.
The group includes:
■ Johnny Crichton, Sun Peaks
Alpine Club coach and former
national alpine ski team coach, along
with many other members of the
club and their families, who have
donated clothes and equipment and
help Promo on the slopes.
■ Teachers at Sa-Hali, Valleyview
and South Kamloops secondaries,
who donated furniture for the family's
■ Arjun Singh, who helped the
family find the apartment.
■ Dick Taylor, head of Adaptive
Sports Sun Peaks.
■ Wendy Snelling and Linda
Stride at the Tournament Capital
■ Susan Hughes of Disabled
Skiers of B.C.
■ Laura Theroux of the
Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic.
■ A Touch of Home care home
and operators Tammy and Gord
■ Dennis Jardine at Jardines Sun
Peaks for ski gear.
■ Derek Smoluk for his notary
■ The Kamloops Gymnastics
and Trampoline Centre and weight
centre at the Tournament Capital
■ Christine Banford for furniture
■ Cheri Clarke for helping with
government paperwork.
■ Full Boar Bike Store for donating
a bike.
■ Mostly Mental Bike Shuttles.
■ Hearthstone staff for the hot
tub and gym use.
■ Mountain High Pizza.
■ Sun Peaks Corporation.
■ Sam, the labradoodle who sets
Promo's pace

Young disabled skier Pramod Thapa part of Paralympics closing ceremonies
- Jim Knowles, left, and Pramod Thapa are excited about their opportunity to participate in the Paralympics closing ceremonies alongside athletes. - Murray Mitchell

Jim Knowles, left, and Pramod Thapa are excited about their opportunity to participate in the Paralympics closing ceremonies alongside athletes.

March 19,2010

Daily News Staff Reporter

A Kamloops high school student with a neurological disorder has progressed from skiing with the safety of a tether to freely carving parallel turns at Sun Peaks.

Now Pramod Thapa will be included in filming and final ceremonies for the 2010 Paralympics Saturday.

Jim Knowles, a Kamloops realtor who is active with Sun Peaks Adaptive Sports, has become close to the 17-year-old from Nepal. He is also part of a party of six from Kamloops in the Paralympics closing ceremonies.

The others are Dick and Terry Taylor, who have assisted daily during the two-week games at Whistler Village as well as Tammy and Gord Leary, who operate a group home here.

Thapa has cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects muscle co-ordination and body movement. He came with his parents to Kamloops last year from Nepal.

Knowles said the family lives in a hotel room in Kamloops and Pramod’s activities and friendships have been limited by his command of English and physical disability.

“I got a call from the school (SaHali secondary) and they said ‘you’ve got to get this kid out of his hotel room,’” Knowles explained of his introduction to Thapa.

The idea was to introduce Thapa to skiing, a natural for Knowles since he was a guide and an active volunteer helping people with disabilities learn to navigate the slopes.

“He’s skiing far past tethers. We’ve got him skiing blue (intermediate) runs and parallel turning for slalom and giant slalom.

Knowles said Thapa’s goal Is to compete in the 2014 Paralympic Games, held in Soichi, Russia along with the Winter Olympics.

The six Kamloops residents, clad in Sun Peaks Adaptive Sports uniforms, will take part in a torchlight descent late Saturday at Whistler that will be filmed by CTV for broadcast in Sunday’s closing ceremonies, being televised nationally.

Knowles said the opportunity to take part in the games is giving Thapa – whom he described as “smart, happy and energetic” — as well as volunteers in Kamloops a huge lift.

The pair went mountain biking Thursday, after Knowles picked Thapa up from school.

They went on a hike earlier this month.

“He’s no different than any other kid. He was picking up branches on dead trees to see how many he could break.”

Community Events clic

Sun Peaks Adaptive sports
Sun Peaks Adaptive Sports 2010
(clic Pic)

What keeps me sane! What about you?


Kamloops school teaching boat safety
oat safety at Sahali


Pramods Journey to the Olympics

August/2011- Tough to keep up to all we have been doing, Athelete of the year, 147 Km bike race "King of The Mountain" they are now building him a road race bike for next year, We are trying to get into Rick Hansons Re-Ride accross Canada, Bungie jumping next weekend, Training for this ski season, International Race licence on the way. Please read stories above.. Thank you for your support!

Dec-Jan 2011---- SKI SKI SKI... thats all we do ... oh and drylaqnd and weightlifting... oh my!

Promo has been kicking butt at both indoor and out door training. Training at TCC and training up in Juniper. 4hr ride the other day.. Johnny the coach later said , he led the pack, he's a machine!
We should start skiing on the 12th. Dennis at Jardenes has taken us on again to help with skis and boots. Got my Uniform picked up last week.. ready to go. Oh No his dad just got his learners Lic.. I took him driving for the first time last Mon. Now I know why I paid for Ashleys driving lessons... still not a lot of patience.

Pramod is continuing with his training, Sun Peaks last weekend to climb to the top where we found snow. Being with the ski team we are told we will start skiing Nov 14th or so. We have been training at TCC weight room and may have two pros coming on board to help. Also at TCC we have started the gymnastic training... again tonight. I cant figure out why I am gaining weight.. with all this working out. damn must be old age. I applied for Promos baby bonus... Gov. owes them 3900.00 yippee for them, also got them another 2400.00 from income tax as they never received disability deduction for Promo. I cant imagine what other immigrants do... not speaking English and with no one to help them. There should be a program that sets them up for everything available.

Training has begun thank you to all at SunPeaks alpine Club. pramod was accepted to the team and has been working out twice weekly at TCC and up at coach Johnnys school near his home. We vollyed at the ski swap and had a great time. We had a chance during dryland training to show off Promos bike skills.. he did well keeping up with all. In a running race he surprised all of us when he reached the end of the field in a race ahead of five others.. way to go promo. We attended a 1950's dressup dinner for tamTams mom.. great fun for all. Training goes on... looking for sponsors! We did get some great help from TCC Wendy Snelling got Promo 25 passes to the weight room. We will go every Thursday. Thank you Wendy! We also received a beautiful, new club jacket for Promo.. Thank you ski club!

Sept/20/2010.. One step closer to skiing with Nancy Green ski team... Promos is dryland traing daily. We hear tomorrow of more details. We also recieved permission from the principle of Sahali Secondary School to use the gym for dryland training, have also received three different applications to receive funding for his racing.
I have just signed the family up for Child benifits... the Govt owes them by my calculation 3700.00...

Another summer has passed...I spent most of my time with a 17 yr old from nepal with CP. It has been a great summer mostly spending my time with my
new recrute Pramod Thappa, riding and hiking. This kid is amazing, after skiing down Whistler Mountain at the end of the Paralympics last year
Pramod came to me and said I want to ski in the paralympics. I said "OK" lets get started. We spent all summer MTN biking with his skills
advancing hugely. Its funny this kids disability does not show when he is on a bike or skiis. And guts... he has got them hugely. Every time he crashes off his bike
up he gets, no tears, and on he rides. I am now Sept 2010 in touch with Sun Peaks racers to get him training with them also. Our dryland training continues....
I just spoke to his school Sahali Seconday School and have been told that they can keep Promo in school for another two years..This is huge as he needs the teaching for his english language to move ahead.

Pramod came to our ski program at Sun Peaks last year after he moved here with his parents from Nepal. With the challenges he faces from learning english and getting moved from his hotel room into a 2 bedroom apt has been tough on this kid. But throughout it all Pramod keeps smiling. Me usually a somewhat negitive person
has taken so much spirit from this kid. When I am down I look at him and realize that nothing I have going on is anywhere close to what he deals with everyday.
Thank you for that pramod!


"Relay For Life" 2009
Relay for life 2009 kamloops BC
Team "A Touch of Home"

kayla...adaptive sports SunPeaks

Please check out Kayla at her first race at Sun Peaks this year.. Way to Go kiddo!
Clic Pic for video

OK... Last bike pic of the year... My finish at the Full Boar Challege with my favoprite mechanic Todd.
Full Boar Challenge Kamllops Mountain Biking

My crazy Brother in law added the Alligator and himself... I am the guy on the Yeti!
with fear in his eyes.

Biking Sun Peaks

Well... two races down and a downhill tomorrow Sunday/June 10th. Thats about all for the serious biking this year.
Stay tuned for this years 2007 Wakeboard action! Woops... I forgot, Whistler in two weeks! Yahoo!!!

After an embarrasing loss at the Cow Trail Classic, Capt Jim upsets the top riders and
takes second at the Kamloops Race The Ranch Mountain Bike Race.
Race The Ranch




Vancouver aquarium

Me and the kids at Stanley Park

Robert Bateman Kamloops

What an honor it was to meet and talk to Robert(Bob) Bateman last week. Dec/06. Super nice guy!
He emailed and said he may do a picture of the Pine Beetle bug kill trees! Cool... my idea!

  • Taking Cantonese at the University
  • Got my CIPS designation. Certified International Property specialist
  • The Sea is calling me... oh no...
  • Kamloops animal shelter
    The cats Rufus and Laya are fine.

  • cancer walk baby steps kamloops
    Last years Cancer walk"Team Baby Step


canoeing kamloops lake


Writing has always been a habit in my family, with boats coming in a close second as a family obsession. My great-grandfather, "Ogligo," assisted in the plotting of the U.S. - Canada border and then wrote a book about the experience, called "Way, Way Down North." My Grandpa Boo was W.W.I veteran and fought at Vimy Ridge, writing "Umpty-Iddy-Umpty" on his experiences there. As mentioned above, he wrote columns and a book about dispros. His love of the disappearing propeller boat was fueled by a journey down the McKenzie River, charting the tar sands for the first time. He also wrote a number of children's books. My father, William Knowles, is a past president of the International Shrine Clowns Association and current editor of their publication, Clown Alley. He's written a book on Caribbean cooking and has spent many years in that part of the world. While he lived there, he managed to get shipwrecked no less than two times. One of those times was in a glass-bottomed boat, and many are the family jokes told about that.

I've always messed about in, on, and around boats for as long as I can remember. During my early thirties, this interest peaked with my purchase and outfitting of a Fortune 30, the Alert III. My plan was to sail down the Pacific coast of North America, through the Panama Canal, and then spend a year or two sailing around and generally living the barefooted life. Things didn't quite work out that way. I ended up stopping in Panama and working as a delivery skipper, taking boats through the Canal for anxious owners not familiar with the workings of the locks. While doing this, I landed a delivery that required a sailboat be sailed through the Canal and then dropped off in Texas - the owner would travel overland and meet me there. I set the Alert III at anchor in Balboa and proceeded through the Canal. Unfortunately, a submerged coral reef off the coast of Nicaragua decided it didn't like this plan, and proceeded to wreck the boat. That experience is the basis for my own book, currently under construction. Since then I have kept very busy, getting officially accredited as a Ship's Master, working in the boat restoration and delivery business, and getting this web page designed.

It would seem that my daughter, Ashley, has also inherited the family's traditions. She certainly has a taste for adventure and excitement - recently, while rock climbing in Kamloops, B.C., she turned to me and told me that sure, this rock climbing stuff was okay, but she'd really rather learn how to parachute.

May 01, 1998 - Last weekend Ashley made good on her wish to jump out of a plane. We went to Horizon Aerosports and Ash made her first tandem jump.

Any questions? Need a boat delivered? Wondering about Cetol versus spar varnish? I may not know all the answers but I'll certainly have an opinion.

Jim Knowles
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fax 250-828-9544
RE/MAX Real Estate (Kamloops)
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