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Welcome to James Knowles’s premier real estate website
serving Kamloops, BC.

My duty is to protect you and to ferret out the mis truths of others... that is what I do.
The homes that I showed clients over the last 10 years, that we didn't purchase...
These homes represent why I have over 500 satisfied clients that refer me to their family and friends.
I find the problems, I expose the problems, we quickly move on.
This is who you get when you hire Jim Knowles of Remax Real Estate Kamloops to buy or sell.
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Welcome Buyers!

A recent note from clients:

I first met Jim Knowles when I was in search for home 12 years ago. I was only 24 at the time so was looking to start with purchase of a mobile. It had been extremely difficult for me to find a realtor and I'm assuming it had much to do with my age and the little commission involved in the deal. While standing, frustrated at the remax front desk, Jim overheard my complaint. He immediately took me to his office and we were on the search for my home. We did find a mobile that suited my needs to do exactly what I had wanted to do...flip it. For the past 12 years now I have been doing just that. Finding great investment homes, fixing them up then selling for a profit. Currently, I am the proud owner of two homes with the help of Jim. It has been an exciting, fun, and profitable friendship. The best part about my story is that Jim really had no idea that a $40,000 purchase would keep him in my circle for the next 12 years, and 8 purchases/sales later. He was just being a great realtor and took a chance in believing the future of a 22yr old girl. Thanks Jim!!!

Jim Knowles has been my realtor for over 8 years. I support people in transition, particularly with housing issues by providing home rental or helping them to purchase or sell their own homes. Therefore, I have often require the services of a realtor. I find Jim to be knowledgeable in his field and supportive of the people he works with.

We have bought and sold many homes with Jim, he is an amazing resource, and gets the job done, no matter how difficult or what your requirements or constraints are, he always comes through.
Hello Jim: I just want to thank you for your exceptional service throughout the sale of our Dad’s house on Parkcrest. On a recommendation from my good friend xxxxx, I was able to meet with you in September and then put you in contact with the rest of our family team – mainly our brother. We are very pleased that the sale of this house eventually went to a young couple, just starting out in life. Thank you for all the ‘above and beyond’ that we knew about (thank goodness you knew how to light a furnace that had not been in service for many years), and thank you for all the ‘above and beyond’ that we may never know about. Finally, we thank you for acknowledging our niece with a generous token of appreciation. For all of us, she certainly looked after the house. You were certainly the right real estate agent for us and we have been very pleased with your services throughout. Thank you for taking care of this sale. Suzanne

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E-Mail Jim now for up to the minute listings from the Multiple Listing Service®, market information,
Kamloops Realestate foreclosures or
any other realestate related question.

I can show you any house that is listed on MLS®, even if my name is not on the sign!
Don't call the sign, call Jim Knowles!To be the first inside!

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Hi Jim,
I just wanted to write and tell you how thankful I am for all you have done for me and my family.  Not only were you able to find us a beautiful a home that could accommodate my two house children who are in wheelchairs but you also helped us find an investor who was able to help us when the banks could not.  Your dedication and extra efforts are appreciated.
Best wishes and trust that we will recommend you to our friends and family.
Tammy and Gord Sept/

Hey Jim, Yeah we are here...lol, sorry we haven't been in touch lately we have just been busy here the last few days! What has happened though is we have bought a piece of property off of a friend of ours from 100 Mile house. He owned it for several years, it is at Cherry Creek, he had plans to move here on day but has since decided not too. We talked with him about it a year or so ago and he now decided to sell it. We will be building a new post and beam home on the property, we are sorry to have wasted your time and really appreciate the work you did for us! We just figure that we can build a new home for the same price as we could buy some of the homes you showed us, I will do all of the building myself so it will save a lot of extra dollars. Thanks again Jim, you have been excellent to work with and we will definitely refer you to others.
Shannon Apr/

First of all, thank you for all that you did for us with the house, and me, particularly in helping me make the decision to keep this place. And yes, I have renters who are moving in on June 1st. And with that rent, my mortgage payments are almost minimal. I appreciated your time and concern and would most definitely recommend you to anyone I knew if they needed to buy/sell. You are a man of integrity.
Thanks again,

I was asked the other day by a prospective client
"What do I get with you, Jim"

Tough question... I had to sit back and think.. This is what you get when you work with Jim Knowles Remax Realty Kamloops..

  1. Loyalty.. 100% old fashioned loyalty.. I live by it and expect the same in return
  2. Wisdom ...I have lived many places around the world, I have traveled the world sometimes with money sometimes not, I can relate to all types of people on their level, I respect all people. I have learned from them all and continue to do so.
  3. Youth.. yes youth... I am 56 but my thinking is young, my friends are young. I race Cross Country Mountain Bikes in Kamloops, Down Hill MTB at Sun Peaks, wake board on the South Thompson, hike in Aberdeen, ski and sail to name a few. I am on top of technology (however odd this page is, I built it)
  4. Friendliness.. although I have no time for petty or greedy people and will if I feel that I do not at least think somewhat like the prospective client, I will turn them down. I choose to work with you as much as you choose to work with me.
  5. Honesty.. ask my references.. when it comes to house hunting... I am the toughest you will find. I do not want you to find a problem after we buy the house. Very rare does the home inspector find something that I have not already voiced my concerns over. I am not commission driven, I am driven by what you need and my goal is to make that work.
  6. Compassion..My volunteer activities speak to this..Handidart driver, Adaptive Sports Sun Peaks, A Touch Of Home Care Home, Relay For life, Build a Roof Cuba, Level 2 Handicapped Ski Instructor for DSABC, Level 2
    CSCF Para Alpine Ski Coach.
  7. Schooled.. English Major, published author(Wood Through Water), Master Mariner, numerous articles for many magazines including Yacht World, Second Home, REM, Kamloops This Week, Kamloops Daily News. I hated school.
  8. Passionate.. My passion is for people and animals, I love working with all types and enjoy finding a home for folks the most rewarding. My kids are tops on the list followed by my shared dog, Sammy.
  9. Business smarts.. Having owned and operated two very successful businesses in my life, having rarely worked for anyone but myself, I am thorough, thrifty, business smart, wise and one heck of a negotiator. I am not intimidated easily and will get the best deal that we can get, buy or sell. I reached ReMax Hall Of Fame in four years! I have been Platinum 3 out of 9 years... No one in this town has done better in the same period of being a realtor.

In a nut shell:

Jim Knowles = Wise old young guy with a passion for people, who has a real knack for negotiations.

Why would you hire anyone else?

Truly ...it is not about selling you a house!
It is about finding you a home, a home that works for investment, area and your family. Look at my off work activities... I am committed to helping people and that does cross over to my work.
If you think you can work with me then please call or e-mail I would love to meet you.. and even if we dont find a home ..heck we may go for a ride or a hike together anyway.
Remax Real Estate Kamloops


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